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Lost in Love

And they don’t know much.

So ends our Valentine’s Weekend Extravaganza. Tomorrow we celebrate Presidents’ Day.

Lost in Love

No Leg to Stand On

I’m fantasizing about sweeping his leg and hearing his head crack against Starbucks’ window. Is that wrong?

No Leg to Stand On

Ugly-Pants Alert! A Lost Cause

They should have stayed in their hotel room.

A Lost Cause

Ugly-Pants Alert! Floral Flotsam, Part III—Black-and-White Edition

Entries 16 through 20 in our Floral Flotsam category have black and white as their color scheme. See more Flotsam here.

Floral Flotsam 16

Floral Flotsam 17

Floral Flotsam 18

Floral Flotsam 19

Floral Flotsam 20

If You Build It, She Will Come

Construction manager at the breast-cancer-ribbon factory.

If You Build It, She Will Come

Ugly-Pants Alert! Universes Collide

The Ho-lian Web meets the Axes of Evil meets the Jailbreakers. This nexus of noxiousness earns its wearer the Specimen of the Week award!

Universes Collide

Ugly-Pants Alert! Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea

Which one’s Scylla and which one’s Charybdis?

Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea