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Ugly-Pants Alert! Hey, Boy Blue Is Back

And he’s brought his girlfriend.

Hey, Boy Blue Is Black

Wicked Garden

No one wants to run through hers except this guy, perhaps.

Wicked Garden


“What is that, a crack whore?”—Secondshade


Ugly-Pants Alert! He Took the Road Less Traveled By

And that has made all the difference.

He Took the Road Less Traveled By

Ugly-Pants Alert! Crapple

The worst stuff on earth.


Red-Headed Stranger

He’s totally color coordinated, but his style is haphazard: athletic on the bottom, weekend casual above, and hipster on top. What look was he going for, I wonder.

Red-Headed Stranger

Bob’s Cherry Lumps

More lump than cherry, really.

Bob's Cherry Lumps