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Ugly-Pants Alert! Rough Cut

“Are they filming something? Yes, they’re filming, because no one would look that bad on purpose.”—Secondshade

Rough Cut

Ugly-Pants Alert! The Battle of Magenta

She lost.

Thus we begin our Theme of the Week: Abuse of Color!

The Battle of Magenta

Sikh and Ye Shall Find


The photo is a lot funnier with his eyes unblocked, because he was looking at me in a gently admonitory way, but I’m considerate like this.

Sikh and Ye Shall Find

Ugly-Pants Alert! Perky Jerky

Not so perky, but definitely jerky.

This quirky shopper is our Specimen of the Week!

Perky Jerky

Ugly-Pants Alert! She’ll Never Be Your Beast of Burden

Her back is broad, but it’s a’ hurtin.

She'll Never Be Your Beast of Burden