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Ugly-Pants Alert! Pearl Necklaces

Get your mind out of the gutter.

Pearl Necklaces

Ugly-Pants Alert! Leaning In

From work to yoga to the makeup counter, today’s professional woman is empowered to dream big and reach her goals with gusto.

(Almost made myself throw up there.)

Leaning In

We Are Two Ladies! Part XIV

We do ladies’ things! Wearing counterfeit bags, mindlessly following trends, shivering in the cold … and shit.
—paraphrasing Emily Howard, rubbish transvestite, Little Britain

(Shudder at more Two Ladies.)

We Are Two Ladies! Part XIV

Floral Flotsam, Part IX—Green Edition

Entries 66 through 75 of Floral Flotsam include green as a predominant color. See more Flotsam here.

Floral Flotsam 66

Floral Flotsam 67

Floral Flotsam 68

Floral Flotsam 69

Floral Flotsam 70

Floral Flotsam 71

Floral Flotsam 72

Floral Flotsam 73

Floral Flotsam 74

Floral Flotsam 75

Faunal Flotsam, Part II—Feline Edition

Entries 11 through 20 in our Faunal Flotsam category have leopard print as their motif. See more Flotsam here.

Faunal Flotsam 11

Faunal Flotsam 12

Faunal Flotsam 13

Faunal Flotsam 14

Faunal Flotsam 15

Faunal Flotsam 16

Faunal Flotsam 17

Faunal Flotsam 18

Faunal Flotsam 19

Faunal Flotsam 20