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Catshit Crazy

“Are the multiple scrunchies a ranking system for crazy cat ladies? She must be an officer.”—Secondshade

Catshit Crazy

Ugly-Pants Alert! You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

But you can trick out an old dawg.

You Can't Teach an Old Dog New Tricks

Ugly-Pants Alert! Off Course

To me these just scream golf. They would be fine on the links, where bold colors and patterns are acceptable and even commonplace. For walking around the city and taking in the sights? Not so much.

Off Course

Ugly-Pants Alert! Any Way You Slice It

The cheese still stinks.

Any Way You Slice It

Picasso’s Nightmare

Les Demoiselles du Fairway.

Picasso's Nightmare

Baby, It’s Cold Outside

What’s happening here? Is she wearing her kid’s coat, or is that a severely contorted baby under the backpack?

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Ugly-Pants Poll! Dippy Tipis

Dippy Tipis
Who wore it worse?

Exhibit A: Bent Tents

Dippy Tipis, Exhibit A


Exhibit B: Dodgy Lodges

Dippy Tipis, Exhibit B

Ugly-Pants Alert! She Puts the Ass in Asteroidea

That’s the class name for starfish. Scroll down for a larger view of her outfit.

She Puts the Ass in Asteroidea 1

She Puts the Ass in Asteroidea 2

Ugly-Pants Alert! Grandmotherly Love, Part II

She should have stuck with the solid white top seen in Part I. I took this photo in the same neighborhood, so it may really be the same woman.

Grandmotherly Love, Part II

Día de Calcetines Estúpidos

Day of the Stupid Socks.

Our Halloween and Day of the Dead Extravaganza goes through this evening.

Día de Calcetines Estúpidos