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Psychic Reading

In her future I see a lot of money coming from strange men.

Psychic Reading

A Wild Hair up Her Ass

Actually, many.

Whatever look she’s going for, she’s our Specimen of the Week!

A Wild Hair up Her Ass

Too Big for Her Boots

She looks a bit silly with the bandana, two bags, and (fake?) leather pants, but I would have let her go if it weren’t for the boots. They make her look gawky.

Thus we begin our Theme of the Week: Felonious Footwear!

Too Big for Her Boots

Ugly-Pants Alert! SHE IS IRON WOMAN

Has she lost her mind?
Can she see or is she blind?

Steel yourselves (not sorry!): our Theme of the Week is the Inexplicable and Unclassifiable.


Footwear Flotsam, Part III—Feline Edition

Entries 21 through 25 in our Footwear Flotsam category display leopard-print boots. See more Flotsam here.

Footwear Flotsam 21

Footwear Flotsam 22

Footwear Flotsam 23

Footwear Flotsam 24

Footwear Flotsam 25