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Ugly-Pants Alert! Fair Flowers That Are Not Gather’d in Their Prime

Rot and consume themselves in little time.

Fair Flowers That Are Not Gather'd in Their Prime

Ugly-Pants Alert! You Can Always Go


You Can Always Go

Wheel and Teal

The combination of acid wash and gingham is terrible, but at least she established a color theme. Then she destroyed that theme with the shoes.

Thus we roll into our Theme of the Week: Plaid and Check Patterns!

Wheel and Teal

Ugly-Pants Alert! Packing a Punch

It looks as if a fist is about to sock her right in the ass. I approve.

Packing a Punch

Might As Well Jump

She can parachute to safety, and searchers won’t fail to spot her.

She is our Specimen of the Week!

Might As Well Jump


Divested of sense.

Thus we open our Theme of the Week: Indigenous Patterns and Styles!


Ugly–Pants Alert! Getting an Early Start

She looks a little young to be a cougar, but the spirit’s there.

Getting an Early Start