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Ugly-Pants Alert! Watermelon Mojito

But neither sweet nor refreshing.

Watermelon Mojito

Floral Flotsam, Part VII—Another Red Edition

Floral Flotsam once again focuses on the color red. Entries 46 through 55 are below; see more Flotsam here.

Floral Flotsam 46

Floral Flotsam 47

Floral Flotsam 48

Floral Flotsam 49

Floral Flotsam 50

Floral Flotsam 51

Floral Flotsam 52

Floral Flotsam 53

Floral Flotsam 54

Floral Flotsam 55

Mess with the Bull

You get the scorn.

Mess with the Bull

Ugly-Pants Alert! Falling Down on the Job

Isn’t camo supposed to be snug and practical for actual combat and shit?

Falling Down on the Job

Get Thee to a Nunnery

“She’s sending mixed signals, like a nun who spreads her legs. Is she Rainbow Brite or goth?”—Secondshade

I’ve seen her three times (scroll down). I wouldn’t have known it was the same person if not for that horrendous backpack; the multiple appearances of the boyfriend (with his own black JanSport backpack) and the similarity among her outfits confirm her identity. For her sheer pertinacity, I have to name her our Specimen of the Week!

Get Thee to a Nunnery 1

Get Thee to a Nunnery 2

Get Thee to a Nunnery 3