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Ugly-Pants Poll! Versailles Called, Part III

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Versailles Called, Part III
Who wore it better?

Exhibit A: It Thought Rick James Was Dead

(Thanks to Secondshade for this caption.)

Versailles Called, Part III, Exhibit A


Exhibit B: It’s Appalled by the Fake Gucci Bag

Versailles Called, Part III, Exhibit B

Oh the Japanity! Part VII

She’s training for the role of the Asian Sophia Petrillo, to take over when our sixth specimen of Japanity passes away. Notice the pants that look like they were designed to accommodate adult diapers. And is that a neck brace or just a really weird scarf?

(Scrutinize more Japanity here.)

Oh the Japanity! Part VII

Ugly-Pants Alert! The Alphabutt

This is the most glorious specimen that’s been discovered since I began the Ugly-Pants project over a year ago—and I can’t even take the credit for it! Phil braved the potential wrath of her mate to acquire the Alphabutt. I can only hope to match—dare I say surpass?—him in Ugly Pants–hunting prowess.