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Arm Candy

I’ll leave you to contemplate this plaid disaster while I ogle her friend’s arm.

Arm Candy

Ain’t Nothing Gonna Break-a His Stride

Nobody’s gonna slow him down, oh no.

He leads our Theme of the Week: the Inexplicable and Unclassifiable!

Ain't Nothing Gonna Break-a His Stride

He Just Can’t Quit J.Crew

At least his purse is in a neutral color.

He Just Can't Quit JCrew

Ugly-Pants Alert! Where Do I Begin?

Black camo bags and gingham pants are never in.

I can’t take full credit for this little riff on the theme from Love Story. One day, Secondshade and I were walking near Central Park. Upon spotting a fuglily dressed tourist, Secondshade sang:

Where do I begin?
High-waisted jeans and gingham tops are never in.

He came out with that on the spot, mind you. I still can’t fathom how his mind works.

Where Do I Begin?

It Takes Guts


He’s out, loud, and proud, right down to his fingertips (scroll down), and he coordinated the shit out of his AIDS Walk attire. Even if you cringe at his taste, how can you not admire this level of courage and self-confidence? We had several aspirants to the throne, including The gURLs, Star Wipe, They Bless the Rains, and Thou Strumpet, Fortune, but I crown our gutsy gay as Queen of AIDS Walk and Specimen of the Week!

It Takes Guts

It Takes Guts, Detail