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Ugly-Pants Alert! HBO Called

It wants Khaleesi‘s wig back.

You may recall her from an earlier post. I found her both times in Trader Joe’s, recognizing her by the weave.

I’m sorry that I haven’t been posting much lately; I’ve just been too busy. I’ll continue with the Theme of two weeks ago: Splotches!

HBO Called


Burn the jacket and the shirt.


Ugly-Pants Alert! A Flayed Man Has No Secrets

You know you’ve been watching and reading too much Game of Thrones when a pattern on pants reminds you of a house sigil.

A Flayed Man Has No Secrets

Shade of the Evening

When they reached the door—a tall oval mouth, set in a wall fashioned in the likeness of a human face—the smallest dwarf Dany had ever seen was waiting on the threshold. He stood no higher than her knee, his face pinched and pointed, snoutish, but he was dressed in delicate livery of purple and blue, and his tiny pink hands held a silver tray. Upon it rested a slender crystal glass filled with a thick blue liquid: shade of the evening, the wine of warlocks. “Take and drink,” urged Pyat Pree.

“Will it turn my lips blue?”

“One flute will serve only to unstop your ears and dissolve the caul from off your eyes, so that you may hear and see the truths that will be laid before you.”

—from A Clash of Kings by George R.R. Martin

This variant Daenerys unstops our Theme of the Week: Abuse of Color!

Shade of the Evening

Ugly-Pants Alert! Torrential Shart of Mocha Fudge Ripple Ice Cream

I think we all know whom we have to thank for the title, which was one of several comments this specimen elicited on Facebook; others include:

By the testicles of Theon Greyjoy!

Richter Scale Leggings.

I was thinking more of heart-monitor readings. Flatlining!

Miz Scarlett, whatchoo done wit dem drapes!

With a blue shirt, too. Unforgivable.

These pants just suck, period.… I don’t even think a homeless person would wear them—the color AWFUL, the pattern AWFUL, everything else she is wearing with the pants AWFUL.…

Torrential Shart of Mocha Fudge Ripple Ice Cream

Ugly-Pants Alert! Ours Is the Fugly

I spotted this one on line for a Game of Thrones exhibit. If you’re a GoT nut like me, you will recognize the title of this post as the words of House Baratheon (modified slightly). Let’s see how many of these I can do:

Hipsters Are Coming
—House Stark
We Do Not Sew
—House Greyjoy
Hear Me Retch!
—House Lannister
As High as Highwaters
—House Arryn
Growing Stank
—House Tyrell
The Night Is Dark and Full of Errors
—Melisandre of Asshai

Get creative, people! Add your own Game of Thrones fashion-fail motto in the comments.

Ours Is the Fugly