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Bushy Babuskha

In Soviet Russia, fur traps you.

Bushy Babuskha

Ugly-Pants Alert! Mad Props, Part II

Judging by the evidence—same pants, same street corner, same body shape, similar style of purse—I’m confident in stating that this is Carrot Top’s mom. The hat is an improvement.

Mad Props, Part II

The Tenth Day of Fugmas: The Muppets Rape Christmas

“It’s the assbaby of Rowlf from the Muppets, Sally Kellerman, and Courtney Love.”—Secondshade

The Muppets Rape Christmas

The Sixth Day of Fugmas: Wookiee for Love

In all the wrong places.

Wookiee for Love

No, No, Nanook

She’s going to the Arctic Circle.
She has packed her Ugg boots purple.
Soon you’ll find her mingling with the throng.

No, No, Nanook

Mystery Flotsam

Here are ten specimens that defy explanation or categorization. Look for more Flotsam in the coming weeks.

Mystery Flotsam 1

Mystery Flotsam 2

Thanks go to Snapper for the following photo.

Mystery Flotsam 3

Mystery Flotsam 4

Mystery Flotsam 5

Mystery Flotsam 6

Mystery Flotsam 7

Thanks go to Ashley for the following photo.

Mystery Flotsam 8

Mystery Flotsam 9

Mystery Flotsam 10