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Ugly-Pants Alert! Grate Expectations

I’m not saying I want her to fall through, but there’d be one fewer yuppie in ugly yoga pants knocking into me with her oversized bag while she holds her latte in one hand and types with the other at Whole Paycheck.

Grate Expectations

America Runs on Dunkin’

Or in this case, runs away from.

Thanks go to Ashley for the photo.

America Runs on Dunkin'

Ugly-Pants Alert! Hey, Boy Blue Is Back

And he’s brought his girlfriend.

Hey, Boy Blue Is Black

Ugly-Pants Poll! Oppan Gingham Style


(Here’s the reference, in case you want to torture yourself aurally and visually. )

Exhibit A: Red Pimpin’

Oppan Gingham Style, Exhibit A


Exhibit B: Green Gangsta

Oppan Gingham Style, Exhibit B

Ugly-Pants Alert! You Can Always Go


You Can Always Go

Ugly-Pants Alert! Packing a Punch

It looks as if a fist is about to sock her right in the ass. I approve.

Packing a Punch

Might As Well Jump

She can parachute to safety, and searchers won’t fail to spot her.

She is our Specimen of the Week!

Might As Well Jump

The Colour Out of Space

Never were things of such size seen before, and they held strange colours that could not be put into any words. Their shapes were monstrous, and the horse had snorted at an odour which struck Stephen as wholly unprecedented. That afternoon several persons drove past to see the abnormal growth, and all agreed that plants of that kind ought never to sprout in a healthy world.

—H.P. Lovecraft, “The Colour Out of Space” (1927)

The Color Out of Space