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Ugly-Pants Alert! A Drop in Ridership

Things are slipping at the MTA.

Thus we roll into our Theme of the Week: Wardrobe Malfunctions!

A Drop in Ridership

No Fucks Given

“What is she, fuzzbitch? With a bag like she traveled from Nofuckistan.”—Secondshade

This fuzzy fuckless fiasco is our Specimen of the Week!

No Fucks Given

Floral Flotsam, Part VIII—Tropical Edition

The days are turning colder, but we can dream of warmer climes. Entries 56 through 65 of Floral Flotsam feature tropical patterns. See more Flotsam here.

Floral Flotsam 56

Floral Flotsam 57

Floral Flotsam 58

Floral Flotsam 59

Floral Flotsam 60

Floral Flotsam 61

Floral Flotsam 62

Floral Flotsam 63

Floral Flotsam 64

Floral Flotsam 65

Plastic Ono She Didn’t, Part II

As hard on the eyes as Yoko’s “music” is on the ears. See Part I.

Plastic Ono She Didn't, Part II

Faunal Flotsam, Part V—Equine Edition

Entries 36 through 45 in Faunal Flotsam feature zebra print. See more Flotsam here.

Faunal Flotsam 36

Faunal Flotsam 37 \

Faunal Flotsam 38

Faunal Flotsam 39

Faunal Flotsam 40

Faunal Flotsam 41

Faunal Flotsam 42

Faunal Flotsam 43

Faunal Flotsam 44

Faunal Flotsam 45

We Are Two Ladies! Part XI

We do ladies’ things! Wearing sensible shoes, taking the subway, giving people vertigo with our pants … and shit.
—paraphrasing Emily Howard, rubbish transvestite, Little Britain

(Espy more Two Ladies.)

We Are Two Ladies! Part XI