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The Thinker

She should have thought a little more about her outfit before she left the house.

Thanks go to Linda, Ashley’s mom, who found this specimen at Costco.

The Thinker

Making Contact

She really needs new contacts if she thinks that this is a good look. Thanks go to Ashley for the photo.


Ugly-Pants Alert! Wholesale Devastation

“My weekly trip to Costco yielded this. They were horrible. I wish the picture weren’t so blurry so you could see the true horror.”

That’s ok, Ashley. I think this is all the horror we can bear. Thanks for the photo.

Wholesale Devastation

Nice Melons

Probably the first compliment she’s received in a long time.

This featherbrain opens our Theme of the Week: the Inexplicable and Unclassifiable! Thanks go to Ashley for the photo.

Nice Melons

Ugly-Pants Alert! Radar Trap

“It’s the Doppler effect gone horribly wrong,” writes Ashley.

With this catastrophe at Costco, we open our Theme of the Week: Geometric and Abstract Patterns!

Radar Trap

Ugly-Pants Alert! Once, Twice, Three Times a Fugly

“This was happening at Costco,” writes Ashley. “This is a three-piece ensemble: a shirt, a skirt, and pants.”

Once, Twice, Three Times a Fugly

Ugly-Pants Alert! Snowblind

“A grown woman in a full-on snow suit. And it’s not snowing and there is barely any snow left, so there is no reason for this,” writes Ashley, who captured this specimen outside Costco.


Ugly-Pants Alert! She Tried

She gave up.

Thanks go to Ashley and her keen-eyed sidekick Aidan, who found this discriminating shopper at Costco. I’m not sure what the pattern is supposed to represent. A tiger/zebra hybrid? A quagga?

She Tried. She Gave Up.