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Barnes & Noble Savage

“I see more atrocious outfits here in the lap of rich white hipsterville than almost anywhere,” writes Ashley, who found this specimen in the Barnes & Noble café.

Barnes & Noble Savage

Ugly-Pants Alert! Radar Trap

“It’s the Doppler effect gone horribly wrong,” writes Ashley.

With this catastrophe at Costco, we open our Theme of the Week: Geometric and Abstract Patterns!

Radar Trap

Floozy Flotsam

Like our other Flotsam categories, Floozy Flotsam will air out specimens that have been gathering dust in my collection. The first ten entries are below; look for more Flotsam in the coming weeks.

Floozy Flotsam 1

Floozy Flotsam 2

Floozy Flotsam 3

Floozy Flotsam 4

Floozy Flotsam 5

Floozy Flotsam 6

(Thanks go to Ashley for the photo below.)

Floozy Flotsam 7

Floozy Flotsam 8

Floozy Flotsam 9

Floozy Flotsam 10

Fur-Vest Poll! Ho-Magnons

Who wore it best?

Exhibit A: Stick Up Her Ass

Ho-Magnons, Exhibit A


Exhibit B: Mange

Ho-Magnons, Exhibit B


Exhibit C: Manhunter

Ho-Magnons, Exhibit C


Exhibit D: Unfrozen Cavewoman Tourist

Ho-Magnons, Exhibit D


Exhibit E: High-Class Ho

Ho-Magnons, Exhibit E

Ugly-Pants Alert! Filling Up Her Life with Music

“Retired Solid Gold dancer.”—Secondshade

Retired Solid Gold Dancer

Ugly-Pants Alert! Some of Their Dreams Came True

Some just passed away.
And some of them stayed behind
Inside the Sad Cafe.

Thanks go to James for the photo.

Sad Cafe

Someday a Real Rain’ll Come and Wash All This Scum off the Streets

Travis might be too ambitious. If it could just wash away these boots, that’ll be good for now.

 Someday a Real Rain'll Come and Wash All This Scum off the Streets