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Picasso’s Nightmare

Les Demoiselles du Fairway.

Picasso's Nightmare

Sweating for Christ

Happy Easter.

Scroll down for upper view.

Sweating for Christ 1

Sweating for Christ 2

Feline Pukemia

This highly infectious disease induces vomiting in anyone who approaches the carrier.

Feline Pukemia

Bushy Babuskha

In Soviet Russia, fur traps you.

Bushy Babuskha

Chocolate Salt Lake City

“It’s like the Osmonds formed a P-Funk cover band.”—Secondshade

Of course she was white, and of course she was coming out of Whole Foods. There should be a special place in hell for posers like this, where they’d have to shop at bodegas and Good Will unironically, drink mass-market beer, and forgo plaid.

No competition—she is our Specimen of the Week.

Chocolate Salt Lake City

American Thighs

They’re knocking me out, but not in the way the song intended.

American Thighs


I can see why.

Thanks go to Jade for the photo.


Ugly-Pants Alert! All You Can Eat

“It’s a smorgasbord of ugly here at my university,” writes Phil. In relation to the woman at right, he says, “Imagine stretchy maternity overalls being worn by a non-pregnant woman.” Scroll down for a second view of her buddy.

They are our Specimens of the Week!

All You Can Eat 1

All You Can Eat 2

We Are Two Ladies! Part XIV

We do ladies’ things! Wearing counterfeit bags, mindlessly following trends, shivering in the cold … and shit.
—paraphrasing Emily Howard, rubbish transvestite, Little Britain

(Shudder at more Two Ladies.)

We Are Two Ladies! Part XIV

Faunal Flotsam, Part VI—Pink Edition

Entries 46 through 50 in Faunal Flotsam have pink as a predominant color. See more Flotsam here.

Faunal Flotsam 46

Faunal Flotsam 47

Faunal Flotsam 48

Faunal Flotsam 49

Faunal Flotsam 50