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Ugly-Pants Alert! Straight Flush

As in, she needs to flush these leggings straight away.

Straight Flush

Ugly-Pants Alert! Floral Flotsam, Part III—Black-and-White Edition

Entries 16 through 20 in our Floral Flotsam category have black and white as their color scheme. See more Flotsam here.

Floral Flotsam 16

Floral Flotsam 17

Floral Flotsam 18

Floral Flotsam 19

Floral Flotsam 20

Comic Relief

He brought his mom to Comic Con, which is kind of cute, but he cannot be forgiven for the footwear and hair (scroll down).

Comic Relief 1

Comic Relief 2

The First Day of Fugmas: Are We There Yet?

For your holiday traveling, an all-in-one, travel-sized board-game kit!

(See more specimens with the Othello/Reversi pattern.)

Are We There Yet?