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Catshit Crazy

“Are the multiple scrunchies a ranking system for crazy cat ladies? She must be an officer.”—Secondshade

Catshit Crazy

Ugly-Pants Alert! He Took the Road Less Traveled By

And that has made all the difference.

He Took the Road Less Traveled By

Ugly-Tights Poll! Catbutt

Who wore it worse?


Meowingtons Facebook ad


Exhibit A: Aggressive Ass

Catbutt, Exhibit A


Exhibit B: Lagging Behind

Catbutt, Exhibit B

Crazy Cat Lady

“What does she have there—a mason jar full of her dignity?”—Secondshade

Crazy Cat Lady

If You Got the Money, Honey, They Got Your Disease

“A cross between Axl Rose and Little Steven.”—Secondshade

Cross between Axl Rose and Little Steven

Ugly-Pants Alert! Don’t Have a Cow

No, really—don’t.

With this bit of cow flop, we establish our latest category: Pictures and Illustrations!

Don't Have a Cow

Get Back, Hipster Cat

(With apologies to Elton John.)

It was a tough choice between him and Ground Control to Major Tomcat, but I have to declare him our Specimen of the Week due to his sheer hipster doucheyness. “He is LORD of the groove kings,” remarked Snapper, whom we have to thank for this photo.

Get Back, Hipster Cat

Ugly-Pants Alert! Ground Control to Major Tomcat

(With apologies to David Bowie.)

Two people called my attention to these leggings: Ashley found them on sale somewhere and sent me the photo immediately below; Jim posted a similar photo from cheezburger.com on my Facebook wall. I thought, “Wow, those are indeed atrocious, but no one would be crazy or pathetic enough to wear them. Humanity is safe.”

I was wrong (scroll down).

Ground Control to Major Tomcat 1

Ground Control to Major Tomcat 2