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Might As Well Jump

She can parachute to safety, and searchers won’t fail to spot her.

She is our Specimen of the Week!

Might As Well Jump

Ugly-Pants Alert! Winging It

She should have put more thought into her attire.

Winging It

The Butterfly Effect

Chaos theory has a lot to answer for.

The Butterfly Effect

Ugly-Pants Alert! Antisocial Butterfly

Save the monarch, but destroy these leggings.

Happy Earth Day!

Antisocial Butterfly

Shitty Bitty and Tipsy


Shitty Bitty and Tipsy

Ugly-Pants Alert! Putting the Mental in Environmental

We interrupt our regularly scheduled Theme to wish all of our readers a happy Earth Day!

I can’t claim credit for the title of this post. Several years ago, I received an assignment in art class to draw a small household object in such a way that it would seem very large. Upon seeing my drawing of a cheese grater, Secondshade exclaimed, “Wow. That puts the mental in monumental.” I think it was praise. 

Putting the Mental in Enviromentall

All Dressed Up and Ready to Fall in Love

“LEGO: The John Waters Edition.”—Secondshade

LEGO: The John Waters Edition