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Ugly-Pants Alert! She Puts the Droop in Drupelets

That is, the little bumpy bits on raspberries. I’m grateful for the jacket and bag, which are hiding all but a few of hers.

Thus we bring to fruition our Theme of the Week: Abuse of Color!

She Puts the Droop in Drupelets

Dinner and a Show

“It appears that her ass is eating her shorts,” writes Ashley. “I can hear the sucking noise from here.”

Happy Valentine’s Day. Whatever your plans or lack thereof, I hope you still have an appetite.

Dinner and a Show

Warp and Woof

Two weaves and some VPL (visible panty line).

Warp and Woof

Legs of Clay

Now before you tell me how mean I am, I’ll say that my thighs aren’t flawlessly smooth—shocking, I know!— but I’m not parading them around in Daisy Dukes. This isn’t a good look for anyone over 12.

Legs of Clay


Divested of sense.

Thus we open our Theme of the Week: Indigenous Patterns and Styles!


Ugly-Pants Alert! Scarlet Charlotte

Is sick of your shenanigans.

Scarlet Charlotte

Ugly-Pants Alert! Letter Bomb

“It’s like a lunatic designed Scrabble tiles.”—Secondshade

Letter Bomb

Ugly-Pants Alert! Point of No Return

The basic pattern is bad enough; did we really need the arrows pointing to her ass crack?

Point of No Return