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Backyard Games

I love it when a post writes itself. Thanks go to Annie B. for spotting this gamester, who is our Specimen of the Week!

Backyard Games

Walkin’ Around, Some Kind of Lonely Clown

Rainy days and Mondays always get her down.

Walkin' Around, Some Kind of Lonely Clown

The Butterfly Effect

Chaos theory has a lot to answer for.

The Butterfly Effect

Ugly-Pants Poll! Banzai!

Who wore it better?

Exhibit A: Sweep the Leg, Johnny

Not So SweeTarts, Exhibit A


Exhibit B: Cobra Kai Never Dies

Not So SweeTarts, Exhibit B

Camo Flotsam

Like our other Flotsam categories, Camo Flotsam will present mediocre specimens that don’t merit their own posts. The first four entries are below; look for more Flotsam in the coming weeks.

Camo Flotsam 1

Camo Flotsam 2

Camo Flotsam 3

Camo Flotsam 4

Ugly-Pants Poll! Fugly Bunches of No

Fugly Bunches of No
Who wore it best?

Exhibit A: Six from Blossom

You may remember Exhibit A from Facebook, where she elicited comments such as these:

It looks like Jackson Pollack blew his load on her ass.

[The bag] definitely looks like Canal Street Burberry.

This is what happened to Six from Blossom oooh ok.

Usually, these bad pants pics feature clothing made out of fabric that could be ok as curtains, or upholstery, or maybe a bedspread. This fabric wouldn’t work as ANYTHING. I don’t even want them making body bags out of this ugly crap.

I think [the tassels] may be rip cords to inflate life rafts to GET AWAY FROM THOSE FUCKING TREWS OF DOOM.

Fugly Bunches of No, Exhibit A

Exhibit B: Capri Cathi

Fugly Bunches of No, Exhibit B

Exhibit C: Bag Lady

Fugly Bunches of No, Exhibit C

Exhibit D: At Least Her Hair Is Nice

Fugly Bunches of No, Exhibit D