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Ugly-Pants Alert! Indian Takeout, Part II

Another one who needs to take herself back in again. See Part I.

Indian Takeout, Part II

Ugly-Pants Alert! Indian Takeout

She should take her ass back in.

Indian Takeout

Ugly-Pants Alert! Mandelbrot! Mandelbrot! Part II

More fractal fuggery. See Part I.

Mandelbrot! Mandelbrot! Part II

Ugly-Pants Alert! Matisse’s Nightmare

The Red Studio (with Fractal Explosion).

“The entire proposition is disgusting,” opines Snapper, whom we have to thank for the photo. This impressionist mess is our Specimen of the Week!

Matisse's Nightmare

Ugly-Pants Alert! Mandelbrot! Mandelbrot!

The pattern looks like a Mandelbrot set, no? (Scroll down for close-up.)

The title of the post is an allusion to the Seinfeld episode with the Mandelbaums.

Mandelbrot! Mandelbrot!

Mandelbrot! Mandelbrot! Close-up