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Late Bloomers

“Is she wearing granny panties on her head?”—Secondshade

Late Bloomers

Ugly-Pants Alert! Chasing Rainbows

Keep trying, sweetheart. It was nice of you to match the CVS display window, though.

Chasing Rainbows

Too Big for Her Boots

She looks a bit silly with the bandana, two bags, and (fake?) leather pants, but I would have let her go if it weren’t for the boots. They make her look gawky.

Thus we begin our Theme of the Week: Felonious Footwear!

Too Big for Her Boots

Arm Candy

I’ll leave you to contemplate this plaid disaster while I ogle her friend’s arm.

Arm Candy

She’s a Kreep, She’s a Weirdo

What the hell is she doing here?

Thus we conclude our Halloween Weekend Fugstravaganza. Kreepsville 666 is an online seller of “scare wear.” I took this photo in March.

She's a Kreep, She's a Weirdo

Ugly-Pants Alert! Blow-Out Sale

“It looks like she bought her dignity at the same stand.”— Secondshade

Blow-Out Sale

If You Got the Money, Honey, They Got Your Disease

“A cross between Axl Rose and Little Steven.”—Secondshade

Cross between Axl Rose and Little Steven