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Ugly-Pants Alert! Wheels Spinnin’ around My Brain

Driving you insane.

This high roller—as in, you’d have to be high to buy these leggings—is our Color Abuser of the Week!

Wheels Spinnin' around My Brain

American Thighs

They’re knocking me out, but not in the way the song intended.

American Thighs


At the very least, she could have wiped the kid’s vomit off her skirt before proceeding.

This specimen, brought to us by Ashley and Aidan, hurls us into our Theme of the Week: the Inexplicable and Unclassifiable!


Ugly-Pants Alert! Back in Black

When I think swirly brocade patterns, I think AC/DC.

Happy Black Friday! (Here’s an explanation in case you’re not a mindless American consumer.)

Back in Black