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Ugly-Pants Alert! She’ll Never Be Your Beast of Burden

Her back is broad, but it’s a’ hurtin.

She'll Never Be Your Beast of Burden

Bread and Butter

Their attire isn’t the only thing that’s nauseating.

Bread and Butter

Ugly-Pants Alert! A Woman of Letters

“If she rubs her legs together, does she make a vowel?”—Secondshade

This letter-imperfect specimen opens our Theme of the Week: Geometric and Abstract Patterns!

A Woman of Letters

Dog Day Afternoon

I don’t always remember the circumstances surrounding a photograph, but the clock reminds me about this one. I was on my lunch break, heading for the park, when I saw this woman coming towards me. Once she passed, I waited a respectable amount of time before turning around. By then, a crowd had gotten between us, so I had to hustle. See what I do for you people?

Dog Day Afternoon

Ugly-Pants Alert! Watermelon Mojito

But neither sweet nor refreshing.

Watermelon Mojito