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Ugly-Pants Alert! Plagues of Egypt, Part II

We wish our Jewish readers a happy Passover. Don’t forget to vote in the poll in Part I, which was our Passover post two years ago.

Our regularly scheduled Theme resumes tomorrow.

Plagues of Egypt, Part II

In Her Easter Bonnet

With ugly bow upon it,
She’ll be the weirdest lady in the Tourist Parade.

Our Theme of the Week starts tomorrow.

In Her Easter Bonnet

Sweating for Christ

Happy Easter.

Scroll down for upper view.

Sweating for Christ 1

Sweating for Christ 2

Ugly-Pants Alert! Frondzone

An unpleasant place to be.

Happy Palm Sunday to our Christian readers. The Theme of the Week starts this evening.


Ugly-Pants Alert! Painting the Town Green

Happy St. Patrick’s Day.

(How did Laura Bush get into the scene?)

Painting the Town Green

Lost in Love

And they don’t know much.

So ends our Valentine’s Weekend Extravaganza. Tomorrow we celebrate Presidents’ Day.

Lost in Love