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Backyard Games

I love it when a post writes itself. Thanks go to Annie B. for spotting this gamester, who is our Specimen of the Week!

Backyard Games

Ugly-Pants Alert! Getting Schooled

“I think the wellies were a nice touch on this 70-degree day,” writes Annie B. “And they kinda match her bra, which I really didn’t need to see.”

Getting Schooled

Ugly-Pants Alert! Perky Jerky

Not so perky, but definitely jerky.

This quirky shopper is our Specimen of the Week!

Perky Jerky

Ugly-Pants Alert! Tackily Tactile

I’m fascinated by the texture here. What are the pants made of? Are they puffy?

I do like the shoes. The bag is not an exact match, but it works with them. If only she’d gone with solid black pants, this would have been a win.

Tackily Tactile