Billboards along the Hershey Highway

You’ll recall these two from Facebook, where they elicited the following comments. They are our Specimens of the Week!

Dude, you have a BELT. Use it properly!

Those flower leggings in front of him are kind of a disaster, too.

The funniest thing is that this whole ghetto trend of having your boxers “puffed up” and having your belt and pants below your ass cheeks started in US prisons, where it paid to advertise IF you were amenable to rampant butt sex. So instead of looking hood and OG, you’re saying you’re cool with having your Hershey Highway plowed.

What a twong! What does he think he looks like!

I believe the equivalent in the Queen’s English would be “a right proper berk.”

Billboards along the Hershey Highway

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